Mother of the Groom SpeechTraditions and customs are changing every day, while marriages are becoming more fun-filled and relaxed. In the past, the job of giving speeches revolved around elderly men. Then gradually it became the task of the girlís parents; but today speeches are made by parents of the bride and the groom. Since there are too many speeches to be made, guests would certainly become bored and so if you are to make the mother of groom speech, certain things should be kept in mind.

1. Hold the attention of the crowd: - To hold the attention of one and all present in the place is not going to be easy but then itís not impossible. The speech must not focus only on the bride and the groom. Rather it should be for all those present amongst the crowd. When itís addressed and meant for everybody, you will surely catch their attention and hold it on during the time of your speech.

2. Keep it short: - The duration of any mother of the groom wedding speech is exceptionally crucial. If itís too short you will not be able to make an impression. At the same time if the speech drags on and on, people would sense an air of distress amongst themselves. This is something that speakers would definitely want to avoid. An appropriate remedy against such occurrences, would involve the process of keeping the speeches short.

3. Make eye contact: - Many speakers fail to maintain a proper eye contact. Keeping eye contact helps in building confidence and interest. The crowd will want to listen to you if you maintain a perfect eye contact with them. If you are not very good at maintaining eye contacts, donít panic; there is a trick that will help you out. Whenever you look at the crowd, look at the foreheads of people. This way the guests will feel like you are maintaining a constant eye contact with them! Conversely, your speech will surely be a hit.

4. Add a dash of humor: - Make your mother of the groom speech funny yet keep it relevant. Cracking a joke related to your speech or adding an old funny real life incident will keep everyone glued to your speech. Humor is one factor that everyone would enjoy, remember and cherish.

5. A pinch of love as the garnish: - The speech has to be said from the bottom of your heart. If you are going to say it without emotions itís going to sound like a history class. Say each word with conviction and the guests will undeniably feel your love.

The bride, the groom and the crowd will check if you are welcoming the new girl into your family, with a warm heart. The love you spread out through your speech is going to make the bride feel welcomed and wanted. Only if she feels accepted into the family will the newly married couple be able to make a great marriage.

Use these great tips to prepare you groom's mother wedding speech for your son's upcoming wedding